Individualized Executive Coaching (IEC)

Every single day, employers are expected to meet their personal responsibilities, motivate their staff, keep track of performance, and ensure every one of their clients they have their undivided attention. Meanwhile, employees report a lack of communication with management as the source of lower performance, motivation suffers, performance waxes and wanes without any clear pattern, and the clients still expect undivided attention.

it’s important to seek professional help. A pediatrician is a good first stop to rule out or diagnose possible medical issues and to refer a licensed mental health practitioner who specializes in working with children. Cognitive behavioral therapy and dialectical behavioral therapy can be very effective treatment options for children with anxiety.

What is IEC?

Individualized executive coaching (IEC) offers support to address the concerns noted above, to ensure the maximum performance for business executives. IEC works with corporate leaders to maximize their corporate client’s potential by provoking their thought process, challenging pre-existing assumptions, and inspiring them to be both creative and assertive. An individual becomes more productive and efficient when they understand the psychological nuances at play in their office. Regardless of the circumstances, success begins with effective leadership, and when a leader has the support they deserve, their path becomes not just easier but exciting.

Individualized Executive Coaching is a partnership between a corporation’s executive(s) and a clinical psychologist, with training in industrial/organizational psychology. professional executive coach aids in provoking creative and inspirational thoughts to maximize individual and professional potential. Counselling, training, or mentorship cannot compare to executive coaching as they are distinct professions. ‘

What IEC services does Unfold Psychology Offer?

In any workplace, fostering a safe environment, trustworthy, structured, and supportive is what many employers and employees want. However, many do not know how to go about it, and that is where executive coaching comes into play.

When you contact Unfold Psychology for the services, you should expect:

Personal or individual Clarity

Your coach will help clients have a clear view of themselves as individuals. Studies show that self-awareness in managers and other leaders in a corporation or business entity correlates with the level of efficiency, profits, and effective employee-employer and other relations. Our coaches help you see how others view you and generate a pattern that depicts others’ perceptions. This will aid in drawing out your strengths and possible weaknesses that require more nurturing.

Enhances perception of others

Inaccurate assessments of partners, colleagues, or employees in a business environment are major causes of disputes and low productivity. Our coaches will help clients develop the ability to identify individual capabilities at a professional capacity. The process prevents disputes, fosters trust and growth, and induces higher productivity.

IEC gives you clear insight into your strengths, and a renewed faith in your abilities and talents.

Our coaches help you identify and leverage strengths. You may think you are not important enough to use in your work environment. Items you perceive as a joke or a laughing matter may be your gold coin in case of a campaign strategy. Thinking that everyone else is doing it can have detrimental effects, but improving it and adding your personal touch can make all the difference.

Have more relationships turning out to be productive

One of the limiting factors for many leaders is their selective ability to bond with only a few in their employee pool. Having a liking to certain people’s personalities, religions, beliefs, or even gender, among others, is a limiting factor. Our coaches will help you identify your strain or tendency and assist you in working against its influence.

Aids in inducing proper engagement strategy

Our coaching has one single aim that advocates every aspect of executive coaching, taking action, engaging, and working out every strategy brought forth in the coaching course. Our coaching team will help clear your mind off challenges, identify your goals, and identify your capabilities towards achieving your set goals.

Therefore, here are some of the executive coaching services Unfold Psychology provides.

Career coaching

Employees are always in search of new ways to make it through the job market. Our coaching services can help with career transitions, whether long term or short term. They can offer support regarding professional or career development, job search options, creating a working personal profile online or a mind-blowing resume, and more.

Organizational coaching

Since Silicon Valley is a major stop for growing entrepreneurs, owners and other investors require executive coaching now and then. Our coaching services understand this need and will help you destress and organize your thoughts. We aim to simplify or clarify the process your mind takes in:

  • Identifying goals
  • Creating strategies to achieve identified goals
  • Boosting organizational performance levels
  • Creating a working environment

Performance coaching

Getting a promotion is something to celebrate, but it can also be terrifying to many. If you consider the responsibilities that may include: needing to perform better than before, more employees report to you, and you get to perform appraisals for others. All these can get to your nerves. Our executive coaching professional will help you improve your performance to match or go beyond your promotional title.

Leadership coaching

Anyone in a working environment, including a corporation, start-up, or medium-sized or upcoming start-ups, can become a leader. However, not everyone can perform at being a leader and be successful. That is the reason for our leadership coaching program. It is for individuals who would like to develop leadership skills and become major contributors. The service is available to individuals in different organizations or positions.

What assurances do I have that executive coaching at Unfold Psychology will work?

First, we have trained professional to assist you anytime. We provide quality coaching services that are consistent, compassionate, and dedicated to helping individuals find their way. Also, we provide inventive environments that help stimulate specific responses from an individual. The real-life impersonation makes it easy to identify growth areas and work on them.
Second, we partner and provide medical services pertinent to the area of work. We have professionals introduce new ways of dealing with different situations during a coaching lesson, improving interpersonal relations, and enhancing potential organizational productivity or performance. The process breaks monotony, gives individuals a chance to think outside the box, and provides another working environment in which clients can deal with work issues.

Lastly, we believe that companionship with trust and a comfortable environment brings out the best in people. Simple comforts like having a dog with us during a stressful session, can alleviate the tension and induce our clients’ safety. If working with a team, bringing one of our esteemed professionals and companionship (Sammy the dog) can reduce high-level anxiety and make a coaching session more comfortable for many.